Margo Alison,

 seen as “Lily St. Cyr,” in “Marilyn – The Secret,” at the Macha Theatre, in West Hollywood, is a classically trained actress, dancer and filmmaker from Russia. Margo also played Marlene Dietrich, in "Garbo's Cuban Lover," also at the Macha. She has the lead role in the forthcoming film, “The Fly.” Adventurer


Margo graduated with honors in acting and movie history at the prestigious “Gerasimov Institute” of Cinematography.  As a producer, Margo made documentaries and commercials, including a TV documentary about the first Christians, in Cappadocia, Turkey. As a TV anchor and journalist, Margo interviewed

luminaries, politicians and well-known business figures. 


Margo holds degree from MGIMO. As a young woman, Margo traveled throughout Europe as a competitive figure skater and model, whose face was the trade mark of international skin care company.


In Los Angeles, Margo studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and has appeared in numerous stage productions, television and commercials.

by Michael Selsman.

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