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Was Born in September 10 1936. Beginning with 20th Century-Fox in New York City and transitioning to Paramount Pictures, as Assistant National Publicity Manager, my marriage to 20th Century Fox contract actress Carol Lynley resulted in my moving to Los Angeles, becoming an Account Executive with the Arthur P. Jacobs Company where I personally represented Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Peter Sellers, Marlene Dietrich, Henry, Jane, and Peter Fonda, Mervyn LeRoy, James Stewart, Lawrence Harvey, Rock Hudson, James Mason, and others. As a talent agent with Artists Agency Corporation, now ICM, I worked in television packaging with the agency's client, Bing Crosby Productions.  In-house shows included "Ben Casey", "Medic", "Slattery's People" and "Hogan's Heroes".  I was also involved in the early career development of James Garner, Alan Arkin, and Robert Redford.


When I was President of Group Three, a partnership of Wells Rich Greene, the New York advertising agency, and Wakeford-Orloff, the West Coast's largest television commercial production company, Group Three produced the feature film, "Dirty Little Billy," distributed by Columbia Pictures, and also developed "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee," by Dee Brown, 'World Without End, Amen," by Jimmy Breslin, "I, Robot," by Issac Asimov, and "The Fortunate Pilgrim," by Mario Puzo. Joining famed literary agent, Irving Lazar, I established relationships with leading New York book publishers while representing authors Truman Capote, Roald Dahl and others.



Film director Charles B. Pierce and I formed a production company with American International Pictures and, over four years, I line-produced several films on far locations, including "Winterhawk," in Montana, "Bootleggers," in Texas and Arkansas, "The Norseman," in Florida, and "Grey Eagle," in Wyoming and Colorado, and directed second unit on the latter film. I then became Vice President of Creative Affairs for Samuel Goldwyn, Jr., at Goldwyn Studios and later became head of the literary department at Preferred Artists Agency, in Beverly Hills.


With Orson Welles, I prepared a film about the assassination of Robert Kennedy, after which I rejoined 20th Century-Fox, when the former president of CBS Films and I began a production company.  During our two-year, first-look contract we produced the feature film, "Gotcha," which was distributed by Universal.  We then moved to MGM and in twelve months developed 18 feature film and television projects.


Hemdale Pictures Corp. purchased my original feature film idea, "Getting Even With Steven," engaging me to write the screenplay.  As a professional writer, MGM Studios, Robert Halmi International, New World Pictures, Brilliant Digital Entertainment, and others have also employed me.


I am considered an expert source on international entertainment and have been quoted in publications Time, Newsweek, TV Guide, and in various newspapers and books on the subjects of contracts and changing mores and social values in the media. I have also appeared on national and international television programs, commenting on Hollywood studio history, and have appeared as an expert witness in court and for various Hollywood guilds. I recently completed my autobiography, “All is Vanity.”


I have guest-lectured at schools and universities such as UCLA, USC, Pepperdine, Westlake School, Mount St. Mary's and Loyola.


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