Rusalki are - Beautiful , luring, mysterious  and stunningly glorious  sea girls with long loose hair decorated with flowers chaplets and wreath. They are called differently rusalka, rever girls and so on...   they are very often confused with mermaids who are more close to sirens. The most common name is

Rusalka, the title well known in Russia and russian speaking regions,  rus - is for blond hair and “al” is for wisdom , so we have wise woman or ... “al” is for a horse and we have horse alike running girl and it is logical because in slovak tradition Rusalki are without fish tails and running around fields,  teeters on branches and live close to the water  they are exceptionally  jolly, positive creatures.

They live in forests, close to revers, sea and ocean. In Slovak tradition all rusalki  can transfer themselves in different kind  of animals as frogs, horses, cows, birds, even to not alive objects as house and for sure they can grown a fish tail all rusalki   has one in common they can rule & master  water, they are beautiful and allure  man easily. In greek mythology there are Sirens who has a lot in common with rusalki, but they are in opposite  exceptionally negative creatures following one script: decoy with sining, seduce with beauty, lag away to the water of no return. Rusalki in contrast are more careless, mean no harm, sining laughing all the time, they can tickle a man to death but only because they are immortal and doesn’t know the edge between the death and live.  When bread wheat harvest they show ups on fields, lakes, river bankers,   running around,  wearing wreathing wreaths decorated with flowers ribbons amber and pearls.  We all remember Pushkin ...   Rusalki can predict future, they love to plait mane hair.


In conclusion I would say they are exceptionally positive happy, forever young, immortal beauty with superior abilities. Sure there are exertions as well as among people. 

rusalka Margo Alison S
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